Inktober 27/10/19: Coat

(This flash fiction won’t make a lot of sense if you’ve not read my novel I’m afraid.)

Dear Kelsen,

I am returning the coat you left with me this past lacuna. I congratulate you on your agility in getting away without it: it’s a trick I usually watch out for.

Crunch is a good little golem. If you have any spare lichen to offer him I know he’d appreciate it.

I hope you can understand my reasons for not returning the coat in person but after many years of experience I can assure you a clean break is better.

I have been clear from the start about who and what I am. I am not nourishment for the human heart. I am a drug, and if you pine for me you will hurt yourself. Don’t allow our night together to be the best night of your life. Always look forward for a better and more significant one.

(I don’t mean that you’ll ever have better sex. You won’t. Sorry. That’s just the truth of it.)

I had fun too. You are enjoyable company. If you see me in the street, I hope you will say hello. I hope you won’t say anything else.

This is a pretty nice coat. I may manifest it at some point. I hope you don’t mind.

Yours historically,


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