Inktober 12/10/19: Dragon

They came to the dragon with benevolent intentions, each looking to patch the holes in the fabric of a tired country. Scribbling out LAWFUL GOOD on character sheets, equipping with posters and rosettes, they went off on their quests. Check armour class against Small Yappy Dog. A traipse from one driveway to another, fluttering fliers full of promises they can make so easily when they don’t know how impossible they’ll be to keep. The dragon waits for-

They have a sense that they are approaching the dragon after they have gained some experience and geared up. What they don’t know is that she has already found them, eluding their perception. Charisma check for an encounter with Racist Old Woman. Level up; pursue quests to unite the community, save the hospital, invest in the town and combat the antisocial behaviour in-

They forget. In a great, secret vault beneath the seat of power, the dragon lies on a pile of ill-gotten gold and idly blows smoke through the ventilation shafts. As time goes by, tendrils of smoke will get into their minds. It’s not so very difficult to slip away from a community and into the possibility of-

Mostly the dragon says nothing, allows them to find their own meaning. Sometimes the smoke carries gossip; the party rogue dines well with the lobbyist. Pass it on. You could roll for initiative and get yourself a sweet Michelin starred meal. There is a man with a construction firm who is very interested in your town regeneration quest. How do you want to do-

They walk in an exalted chamber, inches away from the dragon’s eyes. It isn’t that they no longer care about the threatened hospital, or the drug problem in the estate. It’s just that their eyes see so much more in the world that the people they represent have no concept of. Their eyes are now golden and gleaming, the patterns of scales beginning to creep onto-

Roll for constitution. How do you want to do this?

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