Inktober 10/10/19: Pattern

Day 1

Cut out the Heaven and Earth pieces. Had to replace the bulb over the feed dogs so I could see what I was doing. Went and had a snack.

Day 2

Oh apparently there are two water pieces and they’re each a bit different, so I separated the upper and lower bits.

Day 3

Did the gathers on the land and water pieces. Added seed-bearing darts. The trees were very fiddly. Not a bad job though. Slow and steady is the way to get it done.

Day 4

Time to add some sparkle things.

Where’s the buttonhole foot?

Where’s the sodding buttonhole foot?

I can’t remember what it looks like. Manual says it’s part J.

Hold on I’m going to fetch a snack and watch ten videos about how the buttonhole foot works.

Bugger. I’ve made the moon wonky.

Day 5

I went a bit mad with the albatross and toucans and I started running out of thread for heads and wings. So the ostrich ended up with a tiny head and rubbish wings. Sorry ostrich. Did a great job with the fish, and then I saw I’d stitched them all over that bloody land piece and had to rip the whole thing and do it again. Walking away now. Walking away. Never sew when you’re angry.

Day 6

How is this not finished yet? The bloody creeping things are creeping all over and I can’t get them in a straight line. Pattern seems to think it’s easy. Sod it, if I make humans in my own image I won’t need to worry about alterations. Still I’m nearly there and I’ll be so glad when it’s done.

Gotta admit: this ain’t a bad job. It looks like the picture. Sort of.

Day 7

I was supposed to press all the seams, wasn’t I. But that’s so boring. Does it make a difference? Might cause a bit of plate tectonics I suppose. Whatever. I’m having a lie in.

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