Inktober 04/10/10: Freeze

Dave has too much that night and he gets curious. He opens up one of the empty tanks and he falls right into the liquid nitrogen. Must be blasted. Nobody ever finds a bottle anywhere, but trust me: he’s wankered. He took the night security job at the facility so that he could drink at work.

The management tries to hush it up at first. They figure since his wife and kids are gone there isn’t anyone who gives a damn about him. They don’t want to take him out because then they’d definitely be breaking the law. So they pretend that they don’t know he’s even in there and later on they’re just as surprised as anyone.

Anyway it turns out old Dave has got this niece who’s some hotshot lawyer and she gets onto him being missing and kicks up a fuss about it. Next thing we know, there’s been an investigation and there’s Dave in the tank. Somebody’s in trouble, but nobody really knows what for. She says he shouldn’t have been able to get into the tank at the time and of course he shouldn’t. The facility tries to prove he was drunk but they couldn’t and that just makes them look bad because they knew he was drinking on the job and didn’t stop him.

The papers are loving this, and they’re on the niece’s side, and she’s saying she’s going to bring a civil suit and take a gazillion quid off them. So then they say he’s not dead. Well, he’s in the same state as all them billionaires waiting for a cure for death, isn’t he. Which I’d say is dead, and so would you, but they’ve got other ideas. They have to, don’t they. That’s their business model.

Well it looks like the niece might win this civil suit, and take enough money to shut the whole facility down. But then Dave really will be dead, and it’ll be her fault then, see? And all the billionaires will be dead too, and their families will go spare. Nobody wants to piss off the super-rich. The papers are turning against the niece. So they all reach a settlement. Normally you have to pay a king’s ransom for a place in one of those tanks. But the facility are keeping Dave in there for free, all the way up until they come up with a cure for death. Nobody has to come out of any of the tanks. I don’t know what he would have made of this, and neither does anyone else.

I had a chance to talk to her once it was all over, and I asked if she was okay with the decision. She said it was perfect. I said she must have really loved her uncle. She just stared at me and laughed, and then said she despised him. He was a monster. Used to beat his wife and kids until they ran away. She says she wants him in that facility until they find a cure for death, because by that time we’ll have fucked this planet and he’ll have to live with the shock of what we’ve done all hitting him at once. She said that’s what he deserves, that bastard.

2 thoughts on “Inktober 04/10/10: Freeze

    1. I’m not really sure. I just let the word roll around in my brain until something shows up that I think could be an interesting page of words. I’d never written flash fiction before this month and it’s been very satisfying to see how easily ideas flow given a chance.


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